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Cynthia Attar
Cynthia Attar
Ex-Mule Trainer
Animal Communicator & Healer

Books by Cynthia Attar

Profound Mind Healing for Self, Others, Pets
by Cynthia Attar


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Profound Mind Healing for Self, Others, Pets

Oh boy, you've done it now. You asked for physical and mental self-healing and here it is! Written just for you, this little gem of a book of mental gymnastics includes practical step-by-step techniques, tricks, secrets, and practices to create a life of wellness, balance, and happiness. Get ready to have your mind blown with highest insight that will certainly upgrade your thoughts and beliefs. Not only rich in self-hypnosis techniques, this book houses many mental tricks to heal/rebalance, to discover your own authority, and determine personal truth. Learning the best way to help others and your pets, this book will certainly make your mind-wheels spin into orbit! Other gems inside this book include:

- Healing Through Distance
- Self-Empowerment at its Best
- Bedroom Tantrum Technique
- Developing Your Mind Power
- Advanced Healing Techniques
- Smorgasbord of Food for Thought
- Assisting Children, Animals, Plants
- Step by Step Profound Mind Technique
- Profound Insights for Living Life Happily
- Aha Insights to Blast Through Plateaus
- Incredible Truths You Already Knew
- Sifting / Shielding / Bubble Wrap
- Esoteric Side of "Accidents"
- Pet Healing Case Studies
- Miracle Making Secrets
- Root Cause Release
- Responsible Living
- Group Healing

About the Author

Cynthia Attar is an author that lives in Central Washington. Cynthia spends her days journaling, enjoying her equines, dogs, cats, and the nourishing environment of nature at her remote farm. Although fully qualified with many healing practitioner certifications, Cynthia prefers to offer self-empowerment guidance, as she realizes that people have much more power to help themselves than anyone else could possibly possess. As an empath, Cynthia actively engages in a ground breaking practice of pet healing that combines dynamic telempathic communication of stepping into the animal's mind (an empathic quality), locating the root cause of the issue at hand (self-regression hypnosis), and helping the animal to release any disharmony bottled up inside. Look for her three other books: The Mule Companion: A Guide to Understanding the Mule, Profound Insights from Animals and Nature, and Profound Writings from Everyday People.

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Profound Mind Healing for Self, Others, Pets

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