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W. E. Gutman
W. E. Gutman

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A Paler Shade of Red
Memoirs of a Radical

by W. E. Gutman

Foreword by Alan Riding


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A Paler Shade of Red: Memoirs of a Radical

An epic work of remarkable scope, vigor and passion, W. E. Gutmanís latest book is acerbic, iconoclastic and disquieting. In this memoir, he chronicles his life with eloquent, engaging prose that will resonate with readers long after they turn the last page. The palpable sense of wonder and discovery peppered with dark humor and great humanity, is reminiscent of Nabokovís Speak Memory and Proustís Remembrance of Things Past. This honest, often self-critical account of the authorís ups and downs as a wanderer and journalist makes A Paler Shade of Red great literature.

Book Reviews

W. E. Gutmanís life has been so crammed with twists-and-turns -- some unwelcome, many unexpected, a few stubbornly pursued -- that his moving and lyrical memoir has the punch of an epic novel, both fast-paced and reflective. Driven successively by a need to survive occupied France, by an intense curiosity, by an instinct for rebellion and a taste for adventure, Gutman has collided all too often with the shortcomings of humanity. But in A Paler Shade of Red, he finds solace in the power of words, free at last to display the idealism that explains his simmering fury with the world.
- ALAN RIDING, author of And The Show Went On: Cultural Life in Nazi-Occupied Paris

This is an insightful, literate and engaging memoir. W. E. Gutman is a talented writer who knows how to pull the reader into his story. A Paler Shade of Red is a rewarding voyage of self-exploration and discovery.
- NAT SOBEL, Literary Agent, New York

A Paler Shade of Red is a compelling, thought-provoking and wonderfully strong work. Despite its inherent pessimism and the depth of personal pain it reflects, it is the statement of a survivor of an epic life adventure.
- JULIAN KRAININ, Award-winning Producer, Director and Writer, Hollywood, California

About the Author

Born in Paris, W. E. Gutman is a veteran journalist and author. A former writer at OMNI magazine and U.S. editor of Science in the USSR, he covered politics and human rights in Central America from 1994 to 2006. He lives with his wife in southern California.

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