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Jasmine Kinnear
Jasmine Kinnear

Feline Behaviour Consultant

About Jasmine Kinnear

In her practice as a Feline Behaviour Consultant Jasmine attempts to never fall victim to a condition known as anthropomorphism. Basically it is referred to as projecting and attributing human thoughts to animals. However she does confess to a lifetime passion for all cats be they domestic or purebred. Her therapeutic approach is different from others in this field as she tends to think just like a cat. During a consultation Jasmine interprets the source of a cat's misbehaviour and communicates the feline's emotional needs to their owner. Problems may then be solved as the owner comprehends the reasons behind their cat's misbehaviour.

When Jasmine first started her cattery, the breeders in her city would not share information or permit her to purchase cats that she could use in her breeding program. She had to search elsewhere and learn alone, by trial and error, how to buy breeding stock, and to professionally breed purebred kittens. She soon realized there was a knack to bringing back buyers, their family members, and many more referrals.

As her reputation for breeding healthy, quality purebred cats grew, Jasmine was continually contacted by the same breeders who had previously refused to assist her. It seemed word spread to the different catteries in her area about the successful breeding secrets that she had developed on her own. Due to her business ethics her small cattery worked so well that she was entrusted to arrange sales of kittens six months to a year prior to their conception. She encountered many hungry breeders anxious for the same success with their catteries.

Combining her skills and over 20 years of experience as a Feline Behaviour Consultant, Successful Cat Breeder and Cattery Management & Marketing Mentor Jasmine has embarked on a new path to further educate and inform others. Through her Felines by Design series of books the reader is taken on an uplifting, spiritual and inspiring journey of discovery into the Cat Fancy World and beyond.

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