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Beatrice Elliott
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Change Your Story, Change Your Life
Rewrite the Past and Live an Empowered Now!

by Beatrice Elliott


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Change Your Story, Change Your Life: Rewrite the Past and Live an Empowered Now!

What if you could go back to the past and right a wrong?

Change Your Story, Change Your Life is the right book for you to rewrite a wrong and replace the limiting beliefs of your past. It will allow you to discover the compassionate voice of your Inner Wisdom and lead you to find more empowered choices and greater well-being. Read the transforming stories of others like yourself who have re-storied and restored themselves to a more energetic, alive, creative and fulfilled life.

Your emotions cause your state of being. Are you joyful, happy? The fears and confusion of the past can take its toll on your health. If you have an event in the past that created a belief that leaves you feeling less than satisfied with your life and may have impacted how you relate to friends, family members and co-workers, then this book gives you the practical and easy to follow steps to shift your consciousness. By rewriting your story it allows the issues in your tissues to be released and re-plugs the flow of your energy, allowing you to feel revitalized. The key is to let your imagination take you where you couldn’t go before.

Both you and your family will cherish this book for a lifetime. The Gift is that YOU will create a personal parable that will inspire and empower yourself and your family forever.

Book Review

"Beatrice Elliott puts a wonderful new twist on changing
your consciousness about your past for a new and better you now."

- Dr. Mark Vierra, United Centers for Spiritual Living

About the Author

Beatrice Elliott’s educational career includes Speech Pathology and she is currently the Owner/Director of Born Learners, a school for Early Childhood Education. Additionally, as a Licensed Spiritual Counselor she also helps clients to discover the negative mental beliefs that are playing out in their lives, and to replace them with positive intentions. Combining her knowledge of educational learning theory and the spiritual philosophy of you attract that which you believe, along with her inherent love of storytelling, she has created a healing technique by rewriting past personal wounds with more empowering endings. This imaginative process is not only enjoyable, but Ms. Elliott has also used this technique as part of her healing journey with a health challenge. After rewriting her own story she found that her subsequent life experiences shifted and the old perceptions were released, leading to a healthier more fulfilling life. Her first book, Perfect Praying: 5 Simple Steps That Make Prayers Work, was co-authored with Jon William Lopez.

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life
Rewrite the Past and Live an Empowered Now!

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