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Brian Tarsis
B&D Author & Illustrator

CCB Publishing is pleased to assist Brian Tarsis with the distribution
of his book Anybody's Enia published by Fundgeon Press/Bon-Vue Enterprises.

Books by Brian Tarsis

Anybody's Enia
A B&D Graphic Novel of Sexual Submission

by Brian Tarsis


Anybody's Enia: A B&D Graphic Novel of Sexual Submission

Eager to explore the exciting, mysterious world of B&D, Enia attends a big L.A. kink party. There she meets Lawrence, a sophisticated older man who takes her to realms of giddy submission she had never believed possible. Later he reveals that, due to a heart medication that he takes, he is unable to perform sexually. Enia decides to date him anyway, but he is concerned about fulfilling her needs. So the next night he has a young waiter fuck her against the wall behind the restaurant, and the experience leaves them both strangely intrigued. Lawrence begins finding ever more wild and unexpected ways to give Enia to other men as part of their B&D scenes, adding a strange and exciting dimension to their relationship.

Meanwhile, Enia's B&D explorations result in blackmail at the law firm where she works, and she becomes the office sex slave, forced to satisfy the needs of an increasing number of men. She could quit, but it's just so damned exciting! Her sex life is spinning out of control, but she's afraid to tell Lawrence what's happening, and when he finds out, there'll be hell to pay for this sex-crazed submissive young beauty!

About the Author

Brian Tarsis, author of City of Dreams, is well known in the BDSM world as an author, artist and practitioner. His illustrations have captivated readers of bondage magazines since 1983. His latest work and fourth graphic novel, Valeria will be published before the end of 2011. Brian Tarsis resides in Seattle, Washington.

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Anybody's Enia
A B&D Graphic Novel of Sexual Submission
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