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Jasmine Kinnear
Jasmine Kinnear

Feline Behaviour Consultant

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Every Cat Has A Story
True Stories Exploring the Spiritual Connection
of Felines with Their Beloved Owners

written and compiled by Jasmine Kinnear
© 2007

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Every Cat Has A Story

Feline Wellness Magazine Summer 2009   

Feline Wellness Magazine has featured Jasmine Kinnear's book,
Every Cat Has A Story in their Summer 2009 issue:

"Jasmine Kinnear has written and compiled a collection of wonderful true tales that explore the profound spiritual connection between humans and felines. Intriguing, educational and entertaining, Every Cat Has A Story celebrates the magic, beauty and depth of the human-feline link, and how this love can even cross the boundaries of life and death."

I Love Cats Magazine featured Jasmine Kinnear's book,
Every Cat Has A Story in their Mar/Apr 2009 issue:

"If you love cats, you'll love this 16-story collection. In fact, you'll want to send this book to all your cat loving friends. Author Jasmine Kinnear has captured the essence of each cat-owner relationship in this first
of an 'Every Story' series."

 I Love Cats Magazine Mar/Apr 2009

Every Cat Has A Story is an exploration of the intimacy that exists between felines and their owners. Submitted from writers throughout the world, these stories touch on the synchronicity of Universal intervention which unites a cat with their person.

As you enjoy these stories, possibly a new perspective of your own catís special qualities may become evident. Your felineís life has not gone unnoticed, for you have been a living testament to the delight and enchantment they have brought into your family. Every cat does indeed have a story, a moment and a legacy that touches their ownerís world in a significant manner.

A sampling of the 16 stories includes: "The Blue Angel & Her Garden of Pets", one manís connection to feline spirituality which ultimately connects us one to the other. "Finding Karma at the SPCA" is a story of Universal destiny in which a cat immediately recognizes her owner, yet neither had ever met before. "My Cat is So Insolent, She Has A Price on Her Head", is written with a dry sense of humor exploring the "what ifs" of a cat lover and her lessons learned. "Caterina, Portrait of a Feline Soul Mate", is the kitten we all seek but would we have the awareness to recognize her in a room full of kittens? Then again, would she recognize us? This is an intriguing, educational and entertaining collection of cat stories that you may fondly recall during those private moments shared only with your cat.

Jasmine Kinnear has been active in the world of cats for many years as a writer, Feline Behavior Consultant, registered cat breeder and cattery mentor. Her distinctive ability to think just like a cat has permitted her to assist others in better understanding their felinesí unique spiritual nature.

She is now embarking on a new path and requesting others to also share their stories to honor the special people and/or pets within their own lives. Her compassion, sensitivity and understanding of the human condition lends itself to the Every Story series of books. Every Cat Has A Story is Jasmine Kinnearís third book.

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Every Cat Has A Story
True Stories Exploring the Spiritual Connection
of Felines with Their Beloved Owners

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