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H. Hargrove
H. Hargrove

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Eroticizing Discipline
Dominance, Submission and Exquisite Pleasure

by H. Hargrove


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Eroticizing Discipline: Dominance, Submission and Exquisite Pleasure

The phenomenal success of Fifty Shades of Grey illuminated the potential of dominance and submission-themed sex for tens of millions of readers... and more specifically... erotic discipline. Of all the options in the infamous red room, Anna settled on the thought of getting a spanking, or actually being spanked by Christian, as her favorite turn-on and link to heightened sexual bliss.

How do the rituals of corporal punishment become turn-ons for so many of those being punished or administering punishment? Does the development and evolution of this sexual fetish lead to sublime erotic pleasure? How about true love on a deeper level? Eroticizing Discipline relates real-life, authentic stories that vividly illustrate answers to these questions and more... with white-hot narrative.

About the Author

H. Hargrove received a B.A. in journalism and has enjoyed a successful career as an author and editor of works of fiction and non-fiction, books, short stories and articles. A lifelong devotee of erotic discipline who has conducted considerable research into the sexualizing of corporal punishment, dominance and submission, this excellent writer has superb qualifications for assembling this extraordinary collection.

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Eroticizing Discipline

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