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Jason Stuart
Jason Stuart
Actor & Comedian

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Shut Up, I'm Talking!
Coming Out in Hollywood and Making It to the Middle

by Jason Stuart
with Dan Duffy
Foreword by Alexandra Paul


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Shut Up, I'm Talking!: Coming Out in Hollywood and Making It to the Middle

Shut Up, Iím Talking! chronicles the life and career of actor and comedian Jason Stuart. Itís the funny, poignant story of a gay Jewish boy whose life changed after seeing Funny Girl at a second-run movie theatre in Hollywood. ďI thought to myself, Iím in love with Omar Sharif - who am I left to be but Barbra Streisand! And Iím a guy... Oy!Ē Itís about surviving a crazy family who survived the Holocaust and clearing up the wreckage of oneís past while learning how to become a man.

Jason has appeared in over 200 films and TV shows and has had a long and varied career, from his coming out in 1993 on the Geraldo Rivera Show to having a major supporting role in the historical drama The Birth of a Nation playing ďJoseph RandallĒ a white, heterosexual, Christian, slave owner in 1891 while being a gay liberal Jew!

As a comedian he has headlined at all the major comedy clubs, appeared twice at prestigious Just for Laughs comedy festivals and did stand-up on Broadway with Joan Rivers and Sandra Bernhard. He was featured in Comedy Centralís groundbreaking special Out There, and his own stand-up comedy special Making It to the Middle.

Jason has acted with George Clooney, Faye Dunaway, Angelina Jolie, Angela Lansbury, John Lithgow, Laurie Metcalf, Alexandra Paul, Keanu Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marisa Tomei, Jon Voight, Damon Wayans and they are all in the book! His movies include Kindergarten Cop, Lost & Found, Vegas Vacation, Love Is Strange, Tangerine and on some of the most popular TV shows, Love, Sleepy Hollow, Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Will & Grace, The Closer, George Lopez, House, Charmed, My Wife & Kids, The Drew Carey Show and Murder, She Wrote. Jason lives alone in Hollywood, takes care of his mom and is still looking for Mr. Right.

He wrote the book with Dan Duffy, a filmmaker and author of The Half Book.

About the Authors

When you think of one of the most prolific character actors, whoís also an outrageously openly gay stand-up comedian, one name comes to mind: Jason Stuart. He has a major role in The Birth of a Nation by filmmaker Nate Parker. Jason has also appeared in the award winning films Hank, Immortal, Tangerine, Love is Strange, Gia, with Kindergarten Cop and Vegas Vacation among his fan favorites. He has wowed TV audiences with guest roles on such shows as Swedish Dicks, Love, Sleepy Hollow, Real Rob, Entourage, The Closer, Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia, House, Everybody Hates Chris, George Lopez, Will & Grace, Charmed, and as the wildly popular ďDr. ThomasĒ on My Wife & Kids. As a stand-up comic, you have laughed with him on Gotham Comedy Life, Red Eye with Tom Shillue, One Night Stand Up, Wisecrack, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, Out There In Hollywood and his own comedy special Making It to the Middle. He currently resides in California... alone again.

Dan Duffy has been working in film, television, and radio for over twenty-five years. In 2002, Dan was diagnosed with stage-three testicular cancer. He wanted to change the way people looked at a cancer diagnosis, so he has blogged extensively for Huffington Post and Medium, and wrote The Half Book: Heís Taking His Ball and Going Home. Dan has shared his message throughout the country, including speaking at Stanford Medicine X in 2016 and 2017, keynoting at the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Conference, and speaking at TEDxSarasota in 2013. Dan and his wife Stephanie have been married since 2003, and they have two sons, Sam and Ben.

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Coming Out in Hollywood and Making It to the Middle or or

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