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Jasmine Kinnear

Feline Behaviour Consultant

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How to Hide Your Cat From the Landlord
A practical and spiritual guide to living in harmony
with a compatible feline in smaller spaces

by Jasmine Kinnear
Feline Behavior Consultant, Successful Cat Breeder,
and Cattery Management & Marketing Mentor
© 2006

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Do you live in an apartment, condominium, townhouse, duplex or just a smaller home? How to Hide Your Cat From the Landlord will assist everyone to live in harmony with their beloved feline in smaller spaces. Jasmine Kinnear's ability to explore and understand cats and their owners on an emotional and spiritual level will provide you with guidelines that are clear, practical and based on years of success.

Learn techniques to find a feline friendly home for both you and your cat even if pet restrictions are imposed by the landlord. You are provided with the knowledge to locate a kitten or adult cat to compliment your lifestyle using Jasmine Kinnear's Felines by Design Personality Guide. Cats comfortable living in smaller spaces are affectionately referred to as the Perfect Condo Kitty.

Become an informed cat owner and discover how to...

  • Maintain your privacy and security
  • Cope with stress, worry and anxiety
  • Safely dispose of your kitty's evidence
  • Prepare for a new cat or kitten's homecoming
  • Prepare for when someone arrives unannounced at your door
  • Evaluate your current or prospective landlord to avoid problems
  • Use our Felines by Design principles to select a compatible feline personality
  • And much, much more!

This is Jasmine Kinnear's 2nd book and is a companion to the Felines by Design series. The Felines by Design series of books is sure to become a valued resource in your library, to be consulted and relied upon whether you are a cat breeder or owner.


"I was at once struck with the title, but after reading only a few pages, it became apparent that the book's subtitle was what it was all about: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Living in Harmony with a Compatible Feline in Smaller Spaces.

Author Jasmine Kinnear, with more than 20 years as a professional cat breeder of Himalayans and Persians makes a most astute observer of feline personality types. By studying and handling kittens from birth to placement with their human families, Ms. Kinnear developed her Felines by Design theory and is able to match a cat to its owner's lifestyle, needs and living space.

How to Hide Your Cat from the Landlord addresses the how-to's of living with cats in smaller spaces. First of all, the right cat must be chosen and here Ms. Kinnear excels in describing a dozen or so 'perfect condo kitties', felines whose personality types make them the ideal pets for smaller spaces. In exquisite detail, the 'condo kitty' is rated for affection, loyalty, playfulness and such characteristics as getting along with children or with other cats and accepting a new spouse into the household.

In the final chapters, the spiritual side of choosing a name for one's feline companion is touched on and there is some helpful advice for recognizing and dealing with a cat's stress and grief.

How to Hide Your Cat from the Landlord is a sensible, sensitive and highly informative guide for both novice and experienced cat owners."
VIP Pets Magazine, Jul/Aug 2007

"Author Jasmine Kinnear admits to hiding her feline family from several landlords and tells you how she did it. The information she presents in this book will be helpful to readers who find themselves living in rental property and having a cat or cats."
I Love Cats Magazine, September 2006

 I Love Cats Magazine September 2006

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How to Hide Your Cat From the Landlord
A practical and spiritual guide to living in harmony
with a compatible feline in smaller spaces

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