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Jasmine Kinnear
Jasmine Kinnear

Feline Behaviour Consultant

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Proven Marketing Tips for the Successful Cat Breeder
Volume 1 in the Felines by Design Series

by Jasmine Kinnear
Successful Cat Breeder, Feline Behavior Consultant,
and Cattery Management & Marketing Mentor
© 2006

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Marketing Book

With Proven Marketing Tips for the Successful Cat Breeder you will distinguish yourself from the many catteries in your breeding area. Jasmine Kinnear's guidelines are clear, practical and based on success from years of breeding pedigreed cats.

Learn the techniques to separate yourself from the breeders who merely sell kittens. You will leave your competition at a loss by your newly acquired breeding and marketing skills. No matter where you are in the world sound marketing principles cannot be taken for granted when you have the desire to excel as a breeder.

Become an informed breeder and discover how to...

  • Save $THOUSANDS on breeding stock
  • Have a productive breeding program
  • Save money on advertising
  • Guarantee your kittens’ health
  • Protect yourself from unscrupulous breeders
  • Generate sales & profit with integrity and ethics
  • and much, much more!

The Felines by Design series of books is sure to become a valued resource in your library, to be consulted and relied upon whether you are a cat breeder or owner.


"As an experienced breeder for 20 years, Kinnear reveals
her secrets for success. Her book dives into the practical
and ethical issues that arise when breeding, raising and
selling pedigree cats."

Cat Fancy Magazine, September 2006

 Cat Fancy Magazine September 2006

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Proven Marketing Tips for the Successful Cat Breeder
Volume 1 in the Felines by Design Series

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