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Klaus Bohn
Klaus Bohn
Master & Professional

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The Art Within Portrait Photography
A master photographer's revealing
and enlightening look at portraiture

by Klaus Bohn, MPA, F/SPPA, A
Foreword by Ken Whitmire


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The Art Within Portrait Photography

Exploring the art and creativity that exists in portraiture allows us to create a greater awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. From Glamour to Children, Couples, Families, Pets, Executives and more, Klaus Bohnís work lets us really see the emotions, feelings and art contained within these images.

Klaus Bohn explores unique compositional elements as well as the use of space, shapes and forms in many of his photographs. His skills have been honed over a lifetime of learning and thousands of dollars spent attending private courses given by the world's top professional photographers including: Joe Zeltsman, Monte Zucker, Dean Collins, Rocky Gunn, Yousuf Karsh, Arnold Newman and many more.

Discussing techniques from both the great artists and photographers of our time, this work reveals how to give form and balance to your photographs by combining elements harmoniously in order to see a subject in the strongest way. This book is sure to become a valued resource in your personal library, to be consulted and relied upon for many years to come.

"It is portraitists like Klaus Bohn who have helped retain the artistic essence of the profession by producing a great body of portrait work and he has developed the talent to put into words the deeper meaning of his portraits. The Art Within Portrait Photography will be cherished by the general reader and for those in the profession of portraiture, it is an added educational tool to gain knowledge and inspiration."
Ken Whitmire, President, Photography Hall of Fame and Museum

"Just for a little while, let Klaus be your mentor. His struggling for creativity is revealing, is so evident. Reach out to grab it. Resolve to integrate this highly saleable touch of class into your daily output."
Jack Curtis, author, "Wedding Portraits and Photography World"

"Klaus has been quite successful... and both he and his Photography must be given better than average marks. What follows are epitomized abstractions of some of Klaus' comments on how he operates, and I feel they could be of practical value to you."
D.H. Moore, author, "The Practice of Modern Photography"

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The Art Within Portrait Photography
A master photographer's revealing
and enlightening look at portraiture

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