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Terry Rajan
Terry Rajan
Romance Mystery Fiction Writer

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The President's Daughter
by Terry Rajan

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The President's Daughter

When is a scandal not a scandal?

Richard Johnson has had an extraordinary career as the Governor of the State of Washington. He is a political rarity - a genuine person who believes deeply that he works for the people. He is popular in his home state and has achieved all he can with integrity and passion. Now it is time to take his unique political style and policies to the national level as a Presidential Candidate.

But a growing scandal threatens all that Richard and his family have worked so long and hard for. A member of his campaign staff is claiming to be his daughter.

The President's Daughter

Follow Richard as he is thrust into a situation that could mean his very reputation and career as a leader. As the political intrigue and infighting unfolds, Richard fights back, as all is not what it seems.

About the Author

Terry Rajan is a Sri-Lankan Tamil. He left his home country when he was 18 to study Engineering in the United Kingdom. After graduating he moved to Canada and then the United States for a Masters in Engineering. Currently he is residing and working as an Engineer in the US. His books are unique in style. He explores his subject with curiosity to wield an interesting story of suspense-and a surprise in the end.

His first book, Love & Cherish: Till Death Do Us Part, was published in January 2008. He is currently working on his next novel.

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