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J.J. Hespeler-Boultbee
J.J. Hespeler-Boultbee
Architecture & Art Historian

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A Story in Stones
Portugal's Influence on Culture and Architecture
in the Highlands of Ethiopia 1493-1634

by J.J. Hespeler-Boultbee

Foreword by Richard Pankhurst
©2011 - Updated & Revised 2nd Edition

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Table of Contents

Monarchs During Portuguese-Ethiopian Contact
Map 1: Portugal's Route into Ethiopia
Map 2: Detail of Ethiopia
Foreword by Richard Pankhurst
Preface by Dr. Tsehai Jemberu
Author's Note to the Current Edition

Voyage of Discovery
Understanding the Social History
Examining the Record
Past and Present
Enter the Portuguese
Continuing the Research

Part I - The Story
Portugal and PÍro da Covilh„
Confrontation: Islam and Christianity
Da Covilh„'s Search
Highland Court
The Portuguese in the Indian Ocean
Ahmad Grag'n
In Search of Paradise
The Exasperating "Dom" Jo„o Bermudez
Emperor Galawdewos
The Jesuits
Emperor Minas
Heresy: Rome's Rebuttal
PÍro PŠez
Emperor Sussenyos Converts to the Church of Rome
"Our sun has been eclipsedÖ "

Part II - The Stones
Portugal's Cultural and Architectural Influences
Before Setting Out
Ankober: Assessing the Ancient Land
Examples of Typical Portuguese Stonework
The "Portuguese Bridge" on the Gur River
Mertule Maryam
The Church Museum
Alata Bridge at Tis'isat
Kebrane Gabriel and Zege
PŠez house in the Compound of St. Giorghis Church at Bahir Dar
Kebran Gabriel, Entos Eyesu, Zege and Liblibo
The Lake's Grandest Monasteries
Gemb Kidane Mehret and Collala
Gemb Giorghis and Gemb Maryam
Shimbet Mikael
Residential Structures
Debre Tabor
Bhary Gemb
Teklahaimanot Church Complex at Azezo
The Winter Palace of Geneta Yesus at Azezo
Gondar's "Chicken House"
Gondar's Castle Bridges
Old Quarters of Gondar and Gorgora
Gondar's Six-Castle Compound
Kusquaum, Fasil's Bath and Tomb of Zobel
Denqaz and Waina Dega
Gobatit Bridge Over the Angreb River
Defeche Kidane Mehret
Desit Giorghis
The Palace of Emperor Sussenyos and Maryam Gemb Church
Sek'ela and Abba Gish Fasil
Mai Gwa Gwa or Fremona
Amba Wehni
Selassie Gemb (Washa), Sabara Dildiy, Ayba, Galawdewos church

Other References

Sundry Commentaries
The Wars with Ahmad Grag'n
Kwer'ata Re'esu

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A Story in Stones
Portugal's Influence on Culture and Architecture
in the Highlands of Ethiopia 1493-1634

Updated & Revised 2nd Edition

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