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Zhila Kashaninia
Zhila Kashaninia
Opera Singer, Music Teacher,
Therapeutic Yoga Teacher,
Brain Cancer Survivor

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Signore, Ascolta! My Journey with Brain Cancer
by Zhila Kashaninia

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Signore, Ascolta! My Journey with Brain Cancer

Signore, Ascolta! My Journey with Brain Cancer is the true story of a woman whose life was dramatically changed in a matter of hours from being healthy to being diagnosed with a rare, malignant brain tumor. After the initial shock and despite the early dismal prognosis, she found the courage to reject the advice of two prominent surgeons in her home province and travel to another country to receive the treatment that was right for her. Throughout her journey, she knew in her heart that she was going to be well and that, one day, she would be able to help others going through the same or a similar journey to find hope, courage and strength.

Being diagnosed with cancer (especially a rare type) can be a dark, difficult and lonely journey. It is Zhila Kashaninia's hope that readers will find comfort in knowing that her story (as incredible as it was) is in no way unique, and sometimes even the most difficult journeys can be made easier with optimism, positivity and hope.

About the Author

Zhila Kashaninia is an opera singer, music teacher and therapeutic yoga teacher. She has performed in Canada, Spain, Italy, and Mexico. In 2008, Zhila produced her first CD, Journey through Spanish Songs, which brought her an invitation from the Cultural Institute in Campeche, Mexico to perform and provide a workshop and master class for the university students. In addition to her vocal performances, Zhila also teaches opera history at the University of Victoria.
Zhila's passion for voice and music and its close relationship to physical and emotional release of the body led her to pursue therapeutic yoga. After many years of practicing, she became a trained instructor in 2015 and has developed specialized yoga programs for singers and musicians. Zhila has provided therapeutic yoga classes for piano teachers and students as well as for those dealing with physical injuries and emotional trauma.
Since her own diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor, Zhila has become interested in the impact of yoga and meditation on the brain and nervous system and has developed yoga and meditation practices that deal specifically with cancer and other challenging and difficult health issues.
Zhila is a graduate of the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Her educational background also includes a degree in Economics and Communication and a certificate in Project Management from the Project Management Institute in Massachusetts, United States. In addition to her music and yoga, Zhila has worked in public health research and data analysis for more than two decades in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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